Welcome to ITC

Integrated Technology Corporation has been serving the needs of our customers for more than 35 years.

We provide solutions for metrology and testing equipment in many areas:

  • Test, analysis, and repair of IC probe cards
  • Innovative metrology and inspection solutions
  • Solutions for dynamic testing of power semiconductors

Whats New at ITC

ITC is pleased to announce that it has strengthened its product coverage of probe card analyzers and 
power semiconductor test systems by once again teaming up with JP Kummer as its distributor for Europe. 

With offices in Germany, France and the UK, JP Kummer brings extensive sales and service support 
focused on bringing you quality and timely customer care. 

Dynamic Production Tests

ITC has added dynamic production testing capability to the ITC75100 test system. The system was already capable of testing the UIL capability and reporting the Rdson value of power semiconductors.

This new development has added several more tests to the system.

Dynamic 75000 3box r2High Current & High Voltage UIL Test Solutions

The rapid innovations and developments within the semiconductor industry in general have also been very apparent within the power device sector of the industry. The move to Silicon Carbide (SiC) power devices has resulted in higher breakdown voltages for discrete devices which in turn requires the UIL test solution to have a higher voltage capability.

ITC, as the world leader in UIL test solutions, has developed 4000V/200A UIL test systems on both its 55 and 75 series testers. The ITC55100C-2HVN and the ITC75100-2HVN are both N-channel only systems with the 4000V/200A capability.


Product Highlight

ITC55100C Crowbar (Patent Pending)

This option for the ITC55100C UIL tester provides a parallel energy path that in the event of an avalanche failure takes the energy away from the device under test. In a wafer probe application it provides protection for the probe card and the device under test, stops debris scatter across the wafer and prevents the avalanche failure from impacting adjacent die.