Production testers include:  Unclamped Inductive Load (UIL) Testers and Gate Charge/Internal Gate Resistance (Rg/Qg) testers.


UIL testers perform ruggedness testing of power MOSFETs and IGBTs.


Rg/Qg testers test a variety of MOSFET and IGBT package types, over a wide range of user programmable voltage, current, and time parameters.

UIL Testers

Unclamped Inductive Load (UIL) testers perform ruggedness testing of power semiconductor devices ... Learn More

Rg/Qg Testers

Rg/Qg testers measure the internal gate resistance and the gate charge of power semiconductor dev... Learn More

Test Accessories

WPS, Crowbar, Load Boxes and TSM Accessories available for ITC test equipment...

Learn More
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