Integrated Technology Builds and Delivers First Probe Card Metrology Motherboard for Teradyne 440mm iFLEX Interface

TEMPE, AZ - July 27, 2010 - Integrated Technology Corporation (ITC) has successfully built and delivered the first probe card analyzer motherboard for the Teradyne iFlex 440mm interface. The motherboard has been delivered to a major test and assembly house in Taiwan for use on a Probilt® PB3600. This is the third motherboard for very large loadboard style probe cards designed and delivered by ITC in the past 12 months.

In December 2009 the design of the motherboard for the Advantest T2000 RECT550 was completed and these motherboards are now in use on Probilt® PB6500s at both a major IDM and one of the worlds largest foundries.

The first of this type of motherboard to be designed by ITC in July 2009 was for the Verigy 93000 DirectProbeTM interface. This motherboard has been in use at another major SE Asia Test and Assembly house for the last year. ITC continues to provide probe card metrology solutions for all the latest test platforms on its large range of Probilt® probe card analysis and repair tools.