Integrated Technology Corporation (ITC) announces important changes to its UIL test system products

The ITC55100C which has enhanced test capabilities is now available for production purchases. The ITC55100B will continue to be available for purchase until the end of 2013. ITC will cease to manufacture the ITC55100B UIL test system on December 31st 2013.

On 06/01/2013 ITC is releasing a new UIL test product to address the lower energy discrete power device testing requirements. The ITC55100STD is a single port test system with maximum current capability of 100A. The ITC55100STD will interface with all ITC inductor boxes, multiplexers and other accessories currently available for the ITC55100B.

ITC is also announcing that it can no longer provide hardware or software support for its older UIL products, the ITC5510 and ITC5511 series as of 06/01/2013.

With these changes, and as the number one supplier of UIL test systems worldwide, ITC continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing both technology leading and cost effective UIL test solutions.