Automated Probe Repair System
The ProbeTracker™ is a new concept in probe card repair. As an option on Probilt PB3600 or PB6500 systems, it provides a simple, automatic visual reference for probe position adjustment. With the ProbeTracker™ system, the upper microscope's X, Y position and focus is under control of the Probilt program. Crosshairs on the video image and in the microscope eyepiece are positioned to the optimum location for the selected probe. This makes probe repair an extremely simple, automated process.

Top or Bottom Visual Reference
The Simplicity of the automated repair process can be employed from either the top or bottom side. If a probe is repaired from the top, the Probilt can provide a visual reference for the proper probe position using the on screen video or the isolation pin. A crosshair is positioned over the tip of the probe making it very easy to identify. Probe repairs from the bottom are essentially the same except that the crosshair on the ProbeTracker™ functions as both a pointer to identify the probe to be adjusted and the proper location for the tip.

Automated Probe Positioning
After running an alignment test on the Probilt, the operator may simply click on the probe to be adjusted. The ProbeTracker™ will automatically move the microscope to a position over the probe. The operator has one crosshair pointing to the probe from the top and another to align the probe tip to on the bottom. The alignment of the probe can also be quickly retested by a click on the screen, a mouse shortcut or a keyboard shortcut key. The operator may automatically move to the next probe failing alignment with a simple mouse click or shortcut key and repeat the operation for all failing probes.

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