Probe Card Analyzers

ITC is the home of the world's fastest and most accurate probe card analyzers!

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Power Semiconductor
Test Equipment

As a worldwide supplier of power semiconductor testing equipment, ITC has a range of tester products to address all production test and characterization needs. These systems include the industry standard series of Unclamped Inductive Load Test Systems.

Welcome to ITC

Integrated Technology Corporation has been serving the needs of our customers for more than 35 years.

We provide solutions for metrology and testing equipment in many areas:

  • Test, analysis, and repair of IC probe cards
  • Innovative metrology and inspection solutions
  • Solutions for dynamic testing of power semiconductors

Product Highlight

ITC55100C Crowbar (Patent Pending)

This option for the ITC55100C UIL tester provides a parallel energy path that in the event of an avalanche failure takes the energy away from the device under test. In a wafer probe application it provides protection for the probe card and the device under test, stops debris scatter across the wafer and prevents the avalanche failure from impacting adjacent die.