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Automated Probe Repair System

The ProbeTracker™ is an option on Probilt PB3600, PB6500 or PB6800 systems. The optional ProbeTracker, software controlled upper microscope drive, makes the Probilt the only probe card analyzer that has the capability to specifically identify failing probes and present them to the operator for repair in the tips-up orientation. Once the repair is complete each probe can be retested for alignment to verify it is correctly positioned before moving to the next failing probe. This means that even the finest pitch shelf cards can be repaired in a fast and efficient manner. Additionally, the ProbeTracker’s unique auto-locate function can be used to easily find and identify a probe tip for inspection in the most densely packed high pin- count probe provides a simple, automatic visual reference for probe position adjustment. With the ProbeTracker™ system, the upper microscope’s X, Y position and focus is under control of the Probilt program. Crosshairs on the video image and in the microscope eyepiece are positioned to the optimum location for the selected probe.

Probe Tracker

Automated Probe Positioning

After running an alignment test on the Probilt, the operator may simply click on the probe to be adjusted. The ProbeTracker™ will automatically move the microscope to a position over the probe. The operator has one crosshair pointing to the probe from the top and another to align the probe tip to on the bottom.