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ITC55100C Datasheet | ITC55100C Spec Sheet

Model ITC55100C is the latest generation of the industry standard series of ITC55100 testers. The system has been designed around a very powerful micro-controller that gives it a timing resolution of 40ns, twenty times faster than the previous model. Its response time to the peak and zero current is improved ten times. Combined this gives greater accuracy for the charging and avalanche times and for the reported peak drain current.

Model ITC55100C has a bipolar gate drive as a standard feature. The user can set a total gate drive of up to 28V and can select how much of the 28V is positive and how much of it is negative. This feature ensures that the device is held off during avalanche as required for certain devices.

The ITC55100C performs several types of tests that conform to MIL-STD-750E Method 3470. Method 3470 tests the capability of P- and N-Channel MOSFETs and IGBTs by stressing them to controlled energy levels. This is accomplished by the devices driving an unclamped inductive load.


  • Single/Dual Device Testing
  • N channel, P channel, Mixed
  • All Solid State Switching – No Relays
  • EAR 1 Million pulses
  • Timing Resolution of 40ns
  • Current Range: 0.1A to 200A, 0.1A Steps
  • Avalanche Voltage to 2500V
  • Bipolar Gate Drive with 28V swing
  • New High Efficiency Kelvin Circuit
  • Touch-Screen Program Entry/Control
  • Waveform Capture/Display
  • Internal Test Program Storage (20 files)
  • Network capable software
  • High Speed Inductor Charging, Reduces Test Time
  • Programmable Leakage Test Voltage
  • Pre/Post Avalanche Leakage Test
  • Avalanche Collapse Test
  • Versatile Test Handler Control
  • Up to 15 Hardware Sort Bins
  • Improved Voltage/Current Accuracy
  • Software Updates via Flash Download
  • Password Control of Parameter Entry
  • Operates with all ITC Inductor Load Boxes
  • Interfaces with ITC55MUX4 & ITC55-RSF
  • Simple, Complete User Calibration
  • Built-in Self Test