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Current Limiters for Wafer Probe

ITC has developed simple, low-cost modular current limiters to limit the maximum current flowing in any individual probe needle on a probe card during wafer UIL testing. The limiters are designed to be used with all ITC55100 and ITC55300 test systems and are covered by US patent # 7,521,947.

The current limiter modules are available for either source or drain connections and are factory set to a fixed current, which is most commonly 5A/probe.

The current limiters are provided in a 16 channel module which is plugged into a base module. The number of channels available can be increased in blocks of 16. Each additional block of 16 channels is plugged into the previous module.

In the case that an individual channel goes into an overcurrent condition a safety circuit in the base module removes energy from the probe card and the device under test (DUT).