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PB3600 Datasheet | PB3600 Spec Sheet

The PB3600 provides the latest techniques in testing and maintaining probe cards. Designed through joint development with many of the world’s largest semiconductor and probe card manufacturers, ITC has produced an ergonomic analyzer with the greatest measurement resolution, highest throughput, most flexibility and still made it easy to use.

The system includes: Automated probe card flip fixture, RID MUX system with 1536 measurement channels, Any channel can be software assigned to be relay drive, Measurement chuck with sapphire camera window, and more.


• 11” x 9.5” chuck for 200mm arrays
• Motherboard/MUX Interface – No Cable
• Enhanced high performance LED lighting
• Closed loop stage with 0.1μ encoders
• 12” x 8” stage travel for largest cards
• High throughput production machine
• 100Kg (220 lb) Lift force
• Probe Tracker (Optional)
• 3,072maximum test channels


  • Best Price/Performance of any probe card analyzer
  • High throughput production machine

– Easy to operate

– Simplified card files

– Overlapped testing for faster analysis of cards

  • Vacuum held cleaning plates, overdriven leakage and contact resistance test plates
  • Test or relay drive on any channel through software control
  • Expandable to 3072 channels
  • 100Kg (220 lb) Lift force

Tests Performed

  • Leakage
  • OD Leakage
  • Capacitor Leakage
  • Alignment
  • Scrub Analysis
  • Tip Diameter
  • Planarity
  • Contact Resistance
  • Wire Check
  • Capacitance
  • Relays
  • Gram Force
  • Resistance
  • Elevated Heat Levels with our Hot Chuck option