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Dynamic Production Tests

Dynamic Production Tests

ITC has added dynamic production testing capability to the ITC75100 test system. The system was already capable of testing the UIL capability and reporting the Rdson value of power semiconductors.

This new development has added several more tests to the system. These Include:

Inductive Switching Time (LSW) tdon, tdoff, tr, tf, Eon, Eoff.

Gate Charge (Qg)

Qg(th), Qg(on), VgPlat, Qgs, Qgd

Clamped Inductive Load (CIL)

Vclamp 500V to 2000V (programmable)

Reverse Bias Safe Operating Area (RBSOA) Vclamp 500V to 2000V (programmable)

These additional tests require a processing unit containing a single board computer and digitizer, a logic controller for setting various test parameters, a High Voltage programmable clamp and a remote POD situated close to the device under test to provide gate drive, signal conditioning and the final stage of the clamp.

These additional tests are fully integrated into the ITC75100 user interface and test software providing the user with simple, easy to understand test program set-up plus integrated results for all tests run on a device.