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ITC59100 Rg/Qg

ITC59100 Datasheet | ITC59100 Spec Sheet

The ITC59100 Test Measurement Unit (TMU), which plugs into the ITC59000 Test Platform, performs gate charge (Qg) measurements that conform to MIL-STD-750C, Notice 2, Method 3471 and JEDEC Standard JESD24-2. In addition the ITC59100 TMU performs an internal gate resistance (Rg) test method that conforms to JEDEC Standard JESD24-11.

The ITC59100 TMU has an electronic Gate Current Regulator, a Drain Current Regulator, and the Logic needed to test a variety of MOSFET and IGBT package types, over a wide range of user programmable voltage, current, and time parameters.

In order to ensure accurate, noise-free measurements, each TMU is cable-connected to a remote pod that is located as close as practical to the handler or to a manual test socket. This remote pod contains the kelvin detection circuits for the gate force and sense, buffers the analog signals and contains the resonating inductor that completes the RLC circuit with the DUT gate capacitance and gate resistance.

Sort Criteria for each test can be defined. The ITC59000 combines the results from each TMU to sort devices to physical handler bins.


  • Controlled by an onboard microprocessor
  • Fully simultaneous testing of half bridge devices
  • Maximum of 100 volts and 100 Amperes for the Drain voltage and current
  • Maximum of 10 mA of Gate current and ±20 volts
  • Fast Kelvin Test on all test channel connections
  • Accurate I and V waveform digitization