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High Voltage & High Current Test Solutions

The rapid innovations and developments within the semiconductor industry in general have also been very apparent within the power device sector of the industry. The move to Silicon Carbide (SiC) power devices has resulted in higher breakdown voltages for discrete devices which in turn requires the UIL test solution to have a higher voltage capability.

ITC, as the world leader in UIL test solutions, has developed 4000V/200A UIL test systems on both its 55 and 75 series testers. The ITC55100C-2HVN and the ITC75100-2HVN are both N-channel only systems with the 4000V/200A capability.

Another growth area for discrete power semiconductors is the development of higher current devices. In addition to its industry leading 2500V/200A UIL test systems ITC already had 2500V/400A systems and has now added to its product portfolio 2500V/600A versions of the test system.

The ITC55600C and the ITC75600 are N-channel only systems with 2500V/600A capability and both have ITC’s parallel energy path hardware installed to protect the DUT and test fixture during an avalanche failure.